Children's Bracelets

Childrens Bracelets for all occasions

A classy childrens bracelet is a lovely, sentimental piece that is perfect for those who want to buy something that can be kept forever. With so many options available, it all depends on what you are looking for and what the child likes, and many start off simple by looking at sterling silver options.

Not just limited to girls, a bangle is a gorgeous gift for a christening or a youngsters birthday for them to cherish for a lifetime to come. For those who want to personalise their piece, some allow for a message to be engraved or add some charms to remember the occasion.

Sterling silver bangles for girls

A popular choice of childrens jewellery is a charm bangle that can be added to with each anniversary, birthday or significant event, allowing the gift giver to build up a bracelet that is full of memories. The ideal gift for remembering a graduation or maybe even a wedding. Sterling silver is durable yet still attractive, making it ideal for children who are a little more careless with jewellery than adults.

Things such as pearls, pink hearts and beads are all options to add to a bracelet, making it gorgeously girly as well as a thoughtful gift that can be kept forever. The choices and styles available will ensure that you find something that you are completely satisfied with.

Sterling silver bangles for boys

Traditionally, when it comes to boys bangles, they are given on a christening day and are usually relatively plain. If you are looking for a sterling silver bangle to give to a boy as a gift, there are plenty of options available as childrens bracelets still manage to come relatively close to the top of the gift-giving list.

With plenty of stunning options, some with personalised engraving and patterns, you are sure to find a piece that suits your taste perfectly.