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Children's Drum Kits

Musical talent is something that should be cultivated from a young age, even when it comes to loud instruments like drums. Kids' drum kits are designed to teach the young about percussion, mainly by introducing the common elements of every drum set. It's not uncommon for kids as young as three years old to start practising on these size-adjusted kits and learn how to combine a bass drum, a snare drum and a small tom in a rhythmic way.

Are junior drum kits toys or actual instruments?

Junior drum kits are actual instruments scaled-down for size. They feature all the same elements and are tuned to provide the exact tones needed. Replacement parts are also available, since drumming unavoidably inflicts some damage to the kit. Some drum kits are more durable than other, so always do a feature comparison of models before purchasing.

Does the child's age matter when selecting a drum kit?

A child's drum set should mainly be selected based on age. Kits for three-year olds are significantly smaller than those used at ages 8 to 11. The main idea of scaling is to create a set where the child is able to reach all set elements from a seated position. Still, there are junior drum sets that allow height adjustment so the set grows taller as your child grows. These kits might be considered a greater initial investment, but long-term, they may prove to be a better option than purchasing two kits.

What does a kid's drum set include?

Beginner drum sets and kits have to include at least three pieces. The most basic three-piece set has includes the following pieces and support equipment:

  • one bass drum
  • one snare drum
  • one small tom
  • tuning key
  • drum sticks
  • bass drum pedal
  • ride cymbal.

Ideally, a kit also includes a proper-sized stool to match the size of the kit. Larger, five-piece sets include two more toms and additional equipment like a hi-hat stand with cymbals. Kits expand even further than a five-piece set, however, for a young person starting to learn how to play, even three different drums often prove to be more than enough.

How much space does a children's drum kit need?

Space requirements depend on the number of elements included in the kit. As a general rule, a five-piece set will take up more space than a three-piece set. However, generally speaking, all kits that have the drums mounted to the bass drum are more compact, so always examine the drum arrangement within the kit.

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