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Children’s Necklaces and Pendants

Kids’ jewellery is available in many styles and colours. It is used for a variety of occasions. There are jewellery options for boys and girls of all ages. Kids’ necklaces are available as fine jewellery or costume jewellery.

What type of jewellery is available for kids?

There are many types of jewellery for kids. Style and colour choice is the preference of the child, parent or guardian. Earrings for kids are a staple piece of jewellery. They are available in diamond, cubic zirconia, gemstones, characters and other styles. Boys’ jewellery includes watches, necklaces, bracelets and more. 

At what age should children start to wear jewellery?

Some parents have their babies’ ears pierced as early as six months old. Baby shower gifts sometimes include engraved necklaces or pendants for the expected child. Toddlers primarily wear costume rings or jewellery when playing. The age to start allowing children to wear jewellery is a personal preference of the parent or guardian. Safety precautions should be taken when choosing jewellery for kids. 

How to choose birthstone jewellery for kids?

Choosing a piece of jewellery for your child can be fun. Jewellery is often given to celebrate a milestone, as a birthday gift or just because. Birthstones are one of the statement selections for girls’ jewellery. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a birthstone necklace:

  • Birth month: select the stone that is assigned to the birth month of your child.
  • Style: choose the style or shape that matches the personality of your child.
  • Maturity: if your child is younger, choose a stone that is arranged on a durable necklace. Older children may prefer a silver or gold chain with their stone displayed on it. 
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