Children's Tables & Chairs

Childrens Chairs and Tables

Whether its to do homework, indulge in some artsy time, or just play tea party with some fluffy friends, children need comfortable chairs and tables at home. These days, parents are spoiled for choice when it comes to childrens furniture, since there are many materials, colours, and designs to choose from.

What is the Right Seat and Table Height for a Child?

While children can sit on regular adult chairs, it is not good for them to do so for long periods of time. Because of this, it is important to get them a chair that allows them to comfortably place their feet on ground when seated. As a rough guideline:

  • Kids between the ages of three and nine require a seat height of 12 inches.
  • Kids between the ages of seven and 12 require a seat height of 14 inches.
  • Kids between 10 and 15 require a seat height of 16 inches.

The overlap in ages between the second and third point is because kids have different growth spurts during this time. Adjust the height properly according to your childs needs. Dont forget to also ensure the distance between the chair seat and tabletop should be about 8 inches for younger kids and 10 inches for older kids.

What are Some Popular Designs of Kids Tables and Chairs?

Modern designs tend to skew towards those that utilise space as effectively as possible, and use attractive colours that children will appreciate. Some popular designs include:

  • A simple desk with adequate drawers or shelves over and under the table for kids to store items and comfortable do their homework.
  • Round or square plain tables with multiple chairs for kids to share with friends, siblings, or their favourite toys. Chairs tend to fit comfortably under the desk for space effectiveness.
  • Foldable chairs and tables that can store easy or hang on a nail after use.

What are Some Tips to Ensure Chairs and Tables are Safe for Children?

Ergonomics are especially important if your child uses a laptop or PC for long hours whether for play or to do their schoolwork. Ensure maximum comfort and reasonable protection by ensuring the computer desk is lower than usual height and has a good wrist rest for support. Chairs should ideally be of adjustable height and have adequate back support. While these help protect your child from repetitive stress injuries and back pain, do ensure your child still moves around enough and does not spend too much time at a computer at a stretch. Another tip to keep your child safe (especially during their very young years) is to only buy tables and chairs using non-toxic materials, and those that have rounded edges.

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