Great Deals And Delicious Treats With Chocolate Fountains

When it comes to events and special occasions, nothing beats a chocolate fountain as the centrepiece for dessert. Not only does it look amazing, it’s also delicious. Watch as your guests drip chocolate over fruit and marshmallows and look at kid’s eyes light up at the endless flow of chocolate in front of them. If you’re after a chocolate fountain, eBay is the place to shop.

Choosing a chocolate fountain

Basic principles apply to all chocolate fountains - the machine is filled with melted chocolate and a pump raises it all the way to the top of the fountain. It then cascades down a series of floors before resuming its upward trajectory.

There are plenty of brands to choose from, but your main consideration should be the size you require. Consider how many levels of fountain you want, and in turn, how much chocolate will you need to fill it.

What you need to know about the chocolate

  • With chocolate fountains, you’re not required to use any particular type of chocolate.
  • Always melt the chocolate before pouring it into the chocolate fountain, unless you have a fountain that does this for you (usually a higher-end model). You can either place the chocolate in a pan or microwave it for a few minutes until it melts. 
  • Add a few drops of vegetable oil to your chocolate. This will thin it out and provide a steady flow of your chocolate fountain. The amount of oil you use is determined by the quality of the chocolate you use.
  • The temperature of the chocolate should be between 65-75 degrees Celsius to keep it warm.
  • Always scrape away any leftovers from the fountain as soon as you turn it off. Otherwise it might stick and be hard to remove.

Start your shopping today for chocolate fountains on eBay. To save money, check for the seller's red sale ticket for special offers. Read the seller's terms and conditions about collection, postage costs, delivery timelines, refund policies, and accessible payment methods. And with eBay you can always shop with confidence – they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Grab a pancake maker or Breville waffle maker while you’re here so you can create delicious ingredients for fondue.