Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Whether you like to call it a chicken house, chicken coop, chook house, or chicken pen, keeping your birds happy and safe is essential to their well being, and by extension, the well being and happiness of your family. With backyard chickens exploding in popularity, the market for chicken houses and coops is increasingly difficult to navigate. Here are a few tips on selecting the best chook pen for your growing family of girls.

What to consider when buying a chicken house

First, you need a space large enough to contain your chooks. You also need the pop hole door to be large enough for your chicken breed to get through. Beyond that,, there’s three main points to consider. Nests, ventilation, and perches.

You’ll need one nest for every three birds. The nest should be off the ground and dark. For adequate ventilation, you’ll need a low hole (this draws in cool air) and a high hole (through which hotter air escapes). Two holes at the same level does not provide ventilation. It causes a draught. Most chook breeds will perch at night. The perch should be 5-8cm wide with smoothed edges. The perch should ideally be higher than the nest entry, as a chicken will naturally go to the highest point. If your nest is the highest point, that’s where the chickens will roost, and that’s also where they’ll do most of their pooping. Avoid soiled eggs simply by having your perch higher than your nest entry. Don’t have the perch so high that it risks leg injury, though. Each chicken needs 20cm of perch each. If you have more than one perch, they should be spaced at least 30cm apart.

Kit out your chicken house, chicken coop, chook house, or chicken pen with the latest in backyard poultry supplies and other bird supplies, and your chickens will be laying with ease. Check out the range available right here on eBay today.

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