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Christening Gowns

Your child's christening is one of the most important moments of their early life, and thus, the christening gown is a very important choice to make in preparation. These days, there are a whole range of gowns to choose from that cater to changing times and differing preferences.


Traditionalists would prefer to stick to pure whites for christening dresses, but it's also fine to consider off-whites for the event. For those who have more modern preferences, there are also christening gowns available in non-white colours, such as pastel pinks and peaches, though it may be preferable to check with the priest carrying out the ceremony to ensure it is all right to divert from whites.


Baby gowns for christenings come in a variety of styles, from traditional Victorian-style children's vintage christening outfits to trendy modern fittings. Gowns come in long and short sleeve varieties, and even sleeveless varieties. Some are simple, but there are also elaborate dresses with heavy beading and sequins, and it is up to you which type you want for your child.


There are many suitable accessories that can pair with christening gowns, including hats, bonnets, crowns, necklaces, cardigans, socks, and shoes. Choose the right accessories to fit your style preferences, but be sure not to overwhelm your child with too many items on them during the christening.

Other Considerations

The christening gown that you choose needs to be loose-fitting, especially if your child is still a baby. This is to avoid discomfort, so be sure to purchase the right size. Choosing the right material, which is usually a choice between silk and cotton, is also important, as it will affect the comfort of the child during the ceremony and also how long the gown will last. A good quality gown will last long enough even for the christened child to pass it on to their own child in the future.

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