Clarice Cliff Pottery & Porcelain

Clarice Cliff Pottery and Porcelain

Perhaps you find yourself decorating a new room or a new home, or even simply just shopping for an art-loving friend—what might be an unexpected piece to purchase? Pieces of Clarice Cliff pottery and porcelain could certainly make for an interesting addition. Dating back to the early 1900s, Clarice Cliff was a female English designer who created beautiful art deco designs that have risen in popularity. Her works come in a variety of types, colours, and productions; all factors that should be given though when looking to purchase a new piece of pottery or porcelain.

Clarice Cliff Pottery Designs

The name Clarice Cliff is often synonymous with art deco and those who are fans of art, particularly more unique and brightly coloured works, may be drawn to Clarice Cliffs designs. Her pieces are eye-catching and unexpected, giving a new twist to otherwise ordinary items found in a home—such as tea sets, vases and basic bowls. Her style of artistry makes for great gifts for art-lovers or simply to add a fun and unusual touch to a rooms decor.

Porcelain Colouring

The colouring is one of the easiest jumping off points when sifting through Clarice Cliff pottery and porcelain pieces. Most of works fall under the category of multi-coloured Clarice Cliff pottery and porcelain. However, there are other pieces that are centralised around specific colours, such as shades of orange, purple and blue. You will likely want to consider the theme and colouring the particular piece that you pick in order to ensure that it meshes well with the room it will reside in.

Types of Clarice Cliff Pottery and Porcelain

Clarice Cliff created pottery and porcelain works of art in a number of shapes and types. Some of her most popular works were painted cups and saucers. Others included vases, pots, bowls and even full tea sets. You could opt to purchase just one Clarice Cliff piece for your home or create an entire set of beautiful, unique pieces that all complement one another.

Originals vs Reproductions

An important factor to consider is whether the items you have your eye on are original Clarice Cliff pieces, or if they are actually just reproductions. Original pieces are now considered antiques or vintage, should be listed as originals, and have a higher price point than reproductions. Reproductions, which are newly created pieces based on original designs, can be equally as beautiful but simply have a lower level of investment.