• Primula or Fairy Primrose Seed Zoom Mix Perennial Shade Loving Early Flowering

    A classic border plant, it is among the early spring bloomers and does well in containers or as an indoor plant. It prefers part shade and regular watering but is otherwise easy to grow. Primula malacoides is a native of Yunnan, China and has the common name Fairy or Baby Primrose.
    AU $3.10
  • Wisteria Tree Seed Easily Grown Deciduous Small Tree Frost Hardy Bolusanthus sp

    The Wisteria Tree (Bolusanthus speciosus) is not a Wisteria at all. A spectacular deciduous tree, it is frost hardy but drought tender. The leaves are complex and fern-like. WISTERIA TREE. (This plant is not on the Australian Noxious Weed List.).
    AU $3.10
    59 sold
  • extreme rare bonsai starter -- japanese elm ulmus davidiana -- 5 year old plant

    Ulmus davidiana var japonica, Japanese elm is a super rare elm to be found in Australia. This elm is one of the best bonsai species and garden plant. It has corky bark layer and pretty serrated leaves turning gold in autumn.
    AU $50.00
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  • Blue Wisteria Seed Vine Fragrant Pendant Flowers Deciduous Frost Tolerant

    While the plant is not much to look at in winter, the spring flowering of pendant blue flowers (like bunches of grapes) is profuse and spectacular, while the summer mid-green foliage is lush and abundant.
    AU $3.00
    75 sold
  • Winter Sweet Seed Deciduous Shrub Heavily Scented Winter Flower Frost Hardy

    A deciduous shrub growing to a height of 3 metres (10ft) with a spread of 2 metres (6.5ft). The stem is short and stout with a rounded crown: the leaves are bright green, simple, entire, opposite, lanceolate and rough to the touch; the flowers are red internally and yellow externally, star shaped, very strongly perfumed and appearing in midwinter.
    AU $4.00
    19 sold
  • MANCHURIAN PEAR Seed Autumn Colour Deciduous Cold Tolerant Tree Pyrus calleryana

    This plant has been sold under the name Manchurian Pear in Australia for some time but it is in fact the Callery Pear. Growing to 8 metres, it has oval, glossy green leaves, five-petalled, white flowers and small drupes (pears) which are inedible being dry and gritty.
    AU $2.80
    97 sold
  • Japanese Persimmon Seeds Deciduous Tree Frost Hardy Sweet Large Edible Fruit

    There are so many varieties/cultivars of this fruit that only an expert could keep up with them. I suspect that the Japanese varieties were first exported for general consumption and fruiterers called the 'Japanese Persimmons'.
    AU $3.50
    23 watching
  • Australian Red Cedar Seed Drought & Frost Tolerant Tall Rainforest Tree

    A tall, deciduous tree, it grows to a height of 40 metres with a spread of 5 metres. A native of New South Wales and Queensland where it prefers heavy, moist soils in a protected, sunny position. It is drought and frost resistant.
    AU $3.25
  • False Red Sandlewood Seed Warm Climate Good Bush Tucker

    A native of Northern Australia and South East Asia, it prefers well drained soils in an open sunny position and a warm climate. A deciduous tree, growing to a height of 7 metres with a spread of 4 metres, it has a slender, erect trunk and its leaves are made up of multiple leaflets.
    AU $2.90
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  • Silver or European Birch Seed Medicinal Deciduous Medium Tree - Betula pendula

    A deciduous, medium tree, it grows to a height of 25 metres with a spread of 5 metres. The stem is erect and stout with a silvery-white bark; the leaves are simple and rhomboidal with serrate margins; the flowers are yellowish white, unisexual catkins, the male being pendant and the female erect.
    AU $2.50
  • Baobab Tree Seed Drought Hardy Inland Native (Adansonia gregorii)

    A native of inland Australia where it is adaptable to most soils in a sunny, open position. It is drought hardy but dislikes frost. Australian Baobab or Bottle Tree. A deciduous tree growing to a height of 20 metres with a spread of 15 metres.
    AU $3.50
    77 sold
  • Red Japanese Maple Seed Autumn Colour Bonsai Deciduous Cold Tolerant Small Tree

    The Japanese Maple is grown for its delicate Summer foliage and its delightful Autumn foliage colour. It is known botanically as Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'. It performs best in rich, moist but well-drained soil protected from drying or freezing winds.
    AU $3.20
    127 sold
  • Burmese Pink Cassia Seed A Massive Floral Display Tropical Deciduous Tree

    The massive display of flowers are rich pink, showy, bowl shaped and five petalled, the colour fading to almost white as the flowers age. An deciduous small tree growing to 6 to 10 metres with a spread of 5 metres; it has an erect, branching stem and open, rounded crown.
    AU $3.00
    23 sold
  • Sugar Maple Seed Brilliant Autumn Colour Frost Hardy Bonsai Acer saccharum

    A deciduous tree providing both summer and autumn colour. The leaves are bright green on top and bluish green on the underside through spring/summer turning red in autumn before leaf fall. The flowers are also red and appear in many-flowered clusters while the fruit is a typical Maple double winged Samara.
    AU $3.40
  • JIGAL TREE SEED - Tropical Medium Tree Bush Tucker Deciduous Adaptable Soils

    A native, deciduous tree that grows in the Kimberleys of West Australia, north Northern Territory and north-east to south-east Queensland. It is adaptable to soils and deciduous in the tropical dry season.
    AU $3.00
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  • Tanglefoot or Deciduous Beech Seeds RARE 2m Tall Autumn Colour Cool Climate

    Native to Tasmania, the Tanglefoot Beech or Deciduous Beech is its only winter deciduous plant. It grows in alpine or sub-alpine regions and it rarely exceeds 2 metres in height. The leaves are simple, alternate, bright green, turning yellow, then bright red in autumn.
    AU $4.50
  • Bat's Wing Coral Tree Seed Native Drought/Frost Hardy Arid to Rainforest Living

    A native of the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and West Australia where it prefers light to medium soils in an open, sunny position. Its natural habitat is extensive being north of a line from the Pilbara to Alice Springs through north-western New South Wales to the mid north coast of New South Wales and found from arid regions to rainforest margins.
    AU $3.50
  • Coral Vine, Chain of Love Seeds Rare Mexican/Delightful Deciduous Winter Dormant

    CORAL VINE or CHAIN OF LOVE. This vine, a native of Mexico, prefers light, well-drained soils in a protected, sunny position. A deciduous vine, drought and frost tender, it climbs to 3 metres. Its leaves are heart-shaped while its flowers are rose-pink, bell shaped and occurring in dense sprays.
    AU $3.50
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  • Poinciana/Flambouyant Tree Seeds - Brilliant Flowerer Warm Climate Pea Flower

    The Poinciana Tree (Delonix regia) is a native of Madagascar and prefers a frost free area and warm conditions. It is grown along the Queensland coastal plain down into northern NSW but will not survive in a temperate climate.
    AU $3.40
  • Drumstick Miracle Tree Moringa Seed Edible Medicinal Arid Tropical Subtropical

    Drumstick, Horseradish or Miracle Tree, Moringa. A native of the southern foothills of the Himalayan mountains in north western India where it prefers a tropical to subtropical climate in dry sandy, well draining soils.
    AU $3.50
    36 sold
  • Japanese Raisin Tree Seed Sweet Edible Fruit Frost Tolerant Hovenia dulcis

    The flowers are white to pale green, fragrant and appear summer, the fruit are brown-red edible drupes and have a strong, sweet fragrance. JAPANESE RAISIN TREE. A deciduous small, multi-stemmed tree to 10 metres with a spread of 6 metres, its stems are upright and uniform and carry an oval to rounded crown.
    AU $3.00
    Only 1 left!
  • Trident Maple Seed - Good Bonsai Plant - Frost Hardy Deciduous Autumn Colour

    A deciduous tree growing to a height of 6 metres (20 feet) with a spread of 3 metres (10 feet). The stem is erect and slender with a graceful habit. The leaves are 7.5cm (3 in) in length and three lobed which turn a brilliant red in autumn before they fall.
    AU $3.00
  • Chinese White Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis 'White' (8 Bonsai Seeds)

    Chinese Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis 'White' - 8 Seeds. 8 Premium Seeds of Chinese Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis 'White'. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Wisteria sinensis 'White'. Plant your Wisteria in full sun or very light shade.
    AU $3.05
    62 sold
  • Purple Beautyberry - Callicarpa dichotoma (15 Bonsai Seeds)

    A native of Japan and China, the Beautyberry will grow to about 2m if left unpruned or can be managed to a much smaller size. It is a great plant to grow in clumps, for hedging, as a border planting or in a pot.
    AU $2.95
    82 sold
  • Blue Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis 'Blue' (10 Bonsai Seeds)

    Blue Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis 'Blue' - 10 Seeds. A vigorous vine Chinese Wisteria can grow 20–30 m long over supporting trees by counterclockwise-twining stems. The flowers are blue, produced on 15–20 cm racemes in spring, usually reaching their peak in mid-November.
    AU $3.25
  • Dawn Redwood - Metasequoia glyptostroboides (30 Bonsai Seeds)

    They make excellent avenue trees. Fast growing, with a dense, feathery texture, a stand of dawn redwoods creates an effective summertime visual screen and windbreak in just a few years. Autumn colour is excellent and even the winter silhouette is very attractive with its massive, fluted trunk and strong horizontal branches.
    AU $2.95
    365 sold
  • Finetooth Holly - Ilex serrate (30 Bonsai Seeds)

    Finetooth Holly - Ilex serrate - 30 Seeds. 30 Premium Seeds of Finetooth Holly - Ilex serrate. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ilex serrate. A versatile tree that’s great for almost all bonsai styles. A popular bonsai specimen grown in various upright, slanting and cascade styles.
    AU $2.95
    114 sold
  • Judas Tree Seed - A Biblical Tree Deep Pink Flowers Easily Grown Tree to 15m

    It is believed that this was the tree on which Judas hanged himself after the betrayal of Christ. The Judas Tree (Cercis silaquastrum) is a deciduous tree that is both drought and frost tender. It grows to 15 metres with a spread of 5 metres, has dark green leaves, a stout trunk and purplish red pea shape flowers occurring in clusters along the branches followed by reddish-brown pods.
    AU $3.20
  • Monkey Bread Tree Seed - Warm Tropic Tall Tree Adaptable - Adansonia digitata

    A native of tropical Africa and Madagascar, it is adaptable to most soils. Being a warm climate tree, it dislikes frost or drought. Baobab or Monkey Bread Tree. Adansonia digitata. A deciduous tree, it grows to 12 metres with a girth of 12 metres.
    AU $3.00
  • Coral Tree Seed No FrostDrought Deciduous Easy Propagation Good Flower

    A deciduous small tree growing 6 to 10 metres high with a spread of 5 metres and being deciduous in the winter; the stem is erect and stout with creamy-grey, deeply furrowed, corky bark; the leaves are bright green, tri-foliate with oval-acuminate leaflets.
    AU $3.20
  • Wisteria sinensis Blue Chinese Wisteria 5 Seed Vine Bonsaii

    AU $5.00
  • European or Common Ash Seed Large Tree, Frost Tolerant Medicinal Fast Growing

    It is frost resistant but dislikes drought. A deciduous tree growing to a height of 30 metres with a spread of 6 metres. Fruit is a winged seed (samara). The medicinal attributes of the tree have been used for centuries.
    AU $3.00
  • Spanish Sage/Lavender Salvia Seed Perennial Edible Lavender Flowers Hardy Plant

    A fairly small, deciduous perennial growing to 40 cm x 40 cm (1.5 x 1.5 ft), it forms a low carpet of downy, greyish-white foliage. Blooming for a month of so in summer, its pale lavender 25 mm (1 in) blooms, held in loose whorls, are strongly attractant to hummingbirds and insects.
    AU $3.00
  • White Wisteria Seed Vine Fragrant Pendant Flowers Deciduous Frost Tolerant

    While the plant is not much to look at in winter, the spring flowering of pendant white flowers (like bunches of grapes) is profuse and spectacular, while the summer mid-green foliage is lush and abundant.
    AU $3.70
  • Red Maple/Curled Maple Seed Brilliant Autumn Colour Frost Hardy Bonsai

    A deciduous tree providing both summer and autumn colour. The leaves are bright green on top and bluish green on the underside through spring/summer turning red in autumn before leaf fall. The flowers are also red and appear in many-flowered clusters while the fruit is a typical Maple double winged Samara.
    AU $3.00
  • Red Maple - Acer rubrum (75 Bonsai Seeds)

    Red Maple - Acer rubrum - 75 Seeds. A medium sized tree to 25m, this species is native to many parts of North America. Aptly named the Red Maple, its flowers, petioles, twigs and seeds are all red to varying degrees.
    AU $3.15
    113 sold
  • Flowering Quince - Chaenomeles speciosa (10 Bonsai Seeds)

    10 Premium Seeds of Flowering Quince - Chaenomeles speciosa. This species of flowering Quince is perfect for Semi Cascade, Cascade and Group bonsai plantings. It's colourful flowers appear on bare stems in winter and last for many months.
    AU $3.15
    61 sold
  • Japanese Larch - Larix kaempferi (20 Bonsai Seeds)

    Japanese Larch - Larix kaempferi - 20 Seeds. A very versatile deciduous conifer that can be grown in most bonsai styles. 20 Premium Seeds of Japanese Larch - Larix kaempferi. Native to the mountains of Japan this tree is frost hardy and will grow in most cool and temperate areas of Australia.
    AU $2.95
    86 sold
  • Desert Bird of Paradis Seed Drought Tolerant Spectacular Flowerer Deciduous Tree

    This tropical plant is adapted to a dry climate and is known to thrive in a Mediterranean climate. Natives of the Amazon rainforest used this plant for curing fevers, sores, coughs and abortion in the first trimester.
    AU $3.00
    60 sold
  • Boston Ivy - Parthenocissus tricuspidata (30 Bonsai Seeds)

    Parthenocissus tricuspidata /Boston Ivy is set apart from the rest of the genus by virtue of having 3-lobed leaves as opposed to the commonly seen 5-lobes. Very vigorous, the Boston Ivy can grow to over 20 meters.
    AU $2.95
  • American Larch - Larix laricina (40 Bonsai Seeds)

    American Larch - Larix laricina - 40 Seeds. 40 Premium Seeds of American Larch - Larix laricina. Larches are among the most popular bonsai species in the world. With a great upright form and a deciduous habit which sees the tree turn from bright green, to yellow, to bare, it is a must for bonsai enthusiasts and beginners alike.
    AU $2.95
  • Korean Hornbeam - Carpinus turczaninowii (50 Bonsai Seeds)

    50 Premium Seeds of Korean Hornbeam - Carpinus turczaninowii. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Carpinus turczaninowii. Glossy foliage, a tidy branch structure and rapid growth make this plant a bonsai favourite. A versatile species, it is attractive when trained in upright, slanting and cascade styles, but also looks good as a broom or group planting.
    AU $2.95
    120 sold
  • The Katsura Tree - Cercidiphyllum japonica (100 Bonsai Seeds)

    The Katsura tree makes an interesting bonsai. Its leaves turn a deep red in autumn and emit a wonderful, sweet, candy smell. The branches are generally evenly spaced, narrow and make for a good formal or informal upright styled tree.
    AU $2.95
    78 sold
  • Dwarf Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles japonica (20 Bonsai Seeds)

    Chaenomeles japonica, also known as the Japanese Quince is a fantastic small shrub with beautiful coloured pink, white and red flowers that turn into bright yellow, edible fruits in the autumn. 20 Premium Seeds of Dwarf Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles japonica.
    AU $2.95
  • Sargent Crabapple - Malus sargentii (20 Bonsai Seeds)

    Sargent Crabapple - Malus sargentii - 20 Seeds. The Sargent Crab apple is a very popular choice for bonsai as it has the smallest leaves of any of the Malus species. It also produces a profusion of fragrant white flowers followed by small red fruit that stay on the tree all winter.
    AU $3.15
  • Amur Maple - Acer ginnala (40 Bonsai Seeds)

    Amur Maple - Acer ginnala - 40 Seeds. A native of Northern China, Acer ginnala will grow 5–10 m tall in the garden, with a short trunk up to 20–40 cm diameter and slender branches. It is a fast growing tree with a tendency to bud profusely and will develop a dense spreading canopy rather quickly which makes it great for hedging.
    AU $2.95
  • Winterberry Holly - Ilex verticillata (30 Bonsai Seeds)

    60 Premium Seeds of Winterberry Holly - Ilex verticillata. Ilex verticillata is a shrub growing to 1–5 meters tall. It is one of a number of hollies which are deciduous, losing their leaves in the fall.
    AU $2.95
    83 sold
  • Fringe Tree - Chionanthus retusus (5 Bonsai Seeds)

    The Chinese Fringe Tree is a great choice for lovers of flowering bonsai. A tough tree it is also great for beginners.It is best suited to upright and slanted trunk styles. Growing best in a sunny sheltered spot.
    AU $3.15
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