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Clear Light Bulbs

Brighten a dark room with clear light bulbs. You can use them to assist you with reading, entertainment or just as a source of light in a emergency. These bulbs come in a variety of styles and for various uses to provide for all your lighting needs.

Type of Bulb

You can find these bulbs in various types. They may be incandescent, which is an older style that has been around for a large number of years. Fluorescent light bulbs use less energy and last a long time. They are designed to work with specific lighting elements. LED lights have become popular because they also use less energy to provide better lighting but are more expensive in the short term. These bulbs come in different levels of brightness, like the 40W E14 light bulbs to provide enough lighting for the room.

Type of Lighting

You can find light bulbs like the Edison Bulb light bulbs for different applications. They may be designed for solar candles, ceiling fans or chandeliers. Small bulbs fit in desk lamps and night lights to brighten a small area. Others may be designed for string lights or even paper lanterns.


You can find different styles of bulbs. Some are traditional, rounded along the end while others may be oval. Some have a tip like a real candle flame. They may be miniature, standard or large bulbs.


Some light bulbs are dimmable, which allows you to adjust the amount of light you need. They only work in lamps or lighting fixtures with a dimmer switch. Another feature found in some bulbs is the ability to be heat resistant. This allows you to touch them and not get burned even when they are lit. They also are less likely to be a fire hazard because they don't get hot when covered by something.

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