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Got one to sell?

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Clear Plastic Wedding Favour Gift Boxes

Thank your wedding guests for attending with wedding favours in specially designed gift boxes. Clear plastic gift boxes, pillow boxes and gift bags are some of the formats available for storing your wedding favours. There’s a gift box suitable for every sort of wedding favour, whether edible or not. Clear plastic boxes put the wedding favours on display, allowing their colour and design to show. Small decorative jars can also be used.

Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes have a neat and simple design that folds easily and is pillow-shaped. They can be purchased flat and folded as needed. Made of either plastic or cardboard, they are available in almost any colour to perfectly match your wedding’s theme. They can have custom designs printed as well, such as scrollwork, hearts, flowers or personalised photos.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are available in paper, organza and fabric. Organza are perhaps the most popular, with beautiful designs on the sheer surface and drawstrings to close them. Other fabrics include satin, silk and hessian. You can match the fabric style to your theme. For example, hessian bags go well with a rustic themed wedding.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours come in limitless varieties. Sweets and confetti are popular options, as are personalised items such as pens, bottle openers, stubby holders and stickers. Other items might include monogrammed flasks, personalised shot glasses, coasters, biscuits, keyrings, miniature drink bottles or bracelet charms.

Related Items

Personalised thank you labels can be attached to your gift boxes using ribbons or strings, which come in many varieties and can be tied in bows. Papercrafts can accentuate your gift box with elaborate constructions like lacework butterflies and origami flowers. Thank you letters on custom card stock are also an idea to send out after the wedding. Engravings can personalise any item to commemorate the event.

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