Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Think outside the (shoe) box when it comes to storing your favourite footwear. Throw out those cheap, cardboard boxes that you keep under your bed to preserve your shoes - there is a better way to keep your shoes together and know what style is in each box. What you need is a clear plastic shoe box: it's a permanent means of storage that can be used to organise and tidy up a room. Professional closet organisers use these as their secret weapons for when they want to declutter a home or room.

Benefits of clear shoe boxes

Providing visibility, flexibility and easy access, clear shoe boxes epitomise smart closet design. Not only are they great for footwear, but you can also use these plastic shoe organisers for just about anything from underwear and socks to items that are otherwise too small to keep track of or have a tendency to disappear or break.

When you spend your entire paycheck on shoes, you want this investment to last. Clear shoe boxes also protect your shoes from dust, they allow you to see your shoes, and can also help your room to look much nicer.

They also don't need to be subjected to just your bedroom - they can be placed anywhere, provided they are out of the way. The entire family can also take advantage of the boxes, as you can put them all in the one place and won't need to dig through everyone else's shoes to find your pair.

You can find a large collection of transparent shoe boxes online from eBay at amazing prices. From 1 to 10, 20, to up to 40pcs, you are only limited by the amount of shoes you own! They're so affordable that you can buy a pair for a friend who you know would desperately need them. For the ultimate closet organizer, you can't go wrong with clear plastic shoe boxes.

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