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Be Uniquely Different With Clinique

As a global authority on skincare, Clinique has always been uniquely different.

Famous for their dermatologist-collaborated beauty products as well as their fragrance-free makeup and skincare lines, Clinique has become the gold-standard institution for cosmetics and skincare.

A name that is now synonymous with capable yet effortless beauty, powerhouse cosmetics brand Clinique discovered the balance of harmony between science and art, which allowed them to create their iconic lines of skincare, makeup, and fragrances.

Creation of Great Skin

Clinique was born after the savvy editor of a beauty magazine asked a prominent dermatologist if great skin could be created. Officially founded by The Estée Lauder Companies, Clinique made its official debut at Saks Fifth Avenue in August 1968 and was the first prestige cosmetics brand in history that was created using dermatology.

Clinique hit the markets by introducing its now-iconic 3-Step System for Skin Care, which was famously developed by a dermatologist and Carol Phillips, the editor of Vogue. Since then, the brand has continued to launch countless more products, all of which had the same goal always to bring out the best of your face.

Clinique Clean Philosophy

All Clinique products, from fragrances to make up bags, are designed carefully and created with care. They are then tested thoroughly to ensure it is completely free from allergens, fragrances, parabens, and anything else that could potentially irritate the skin. You can see, and you can feel the Clinique Clean philosophy.

That's why Clinique is always 100% fragrance-free, and every product blend is proudly allergy tested for application on even the most sensitive of skin. This custom-fit philosophy of inclusion also extends to their Clinique Colour range, which was opened up to include all skin types and tones so that everyone could feel the joy of their possibilities.

Clinique has always had the same mission to provide the safest and most efficacious formulas that still deliver remarkable results to simple routines. Ultimately, this allowed the trailblazing brand to deliver six decades of expertise in perfecting complexions.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm Colour

Clinique's brilliant range of super-nourishing lip balm comes in mistake-proof shades you can easily to layer and mix, so no mirror is required. Loaded up with mango, as well as shea butter, for comfortably soft and smooth lips, with natural-looking tints and a subtle sheen. Super-nourishing tinted lip balm is for all skin types, so your dry or delicate lips will feel comfortably soft and smooth.

Even Better Makeup Foundation

This dermatologist-developed Clinique foundation has treatment benefits which reduce the visibility of dark spots in approximately 12 weeks. Available in 56 shades, this moderate-coverage foundation provides flawless coverage for around 24-hours, while Broad Spectrum SPF 15 actively improves the skin and protects it against any future discolouration.

Thanks to the added Vitamin C, this foundation also helps to create a brighter and more even skin tone. Resistant to sweat and humidity, this creamy formula smooths and hydrates the skin. The stay-true pigments never change your skin colour, which ultimately gives it a much more natural finish overall. Search the range of products available on eBay today.