Find everything that's fit to clip with clip-on earrings from eBay

Clip-on earrings are among the most popular style of earringsin the market. They are the main type of non-pierce earrings and offer a wonderful option for people who want to wear earrings but don’t want piercings on their ears. Clip-on earrings are worn thanks to the special clip or attachment placed to the ear.

What are the types of clip-on earrings?

Several main types of clip-on earrings as named by the clip-on attachment they come with are screw-back earrings, hinge clip-on earrings, paddle back clip-on earrings, screw-hinge clip-on earrings and mini clip earrings.

Screw-back earrings are one of the oldest and most often used types of clip-on earrings. They have a small screw on the back side of the earring. It presses to the lobe.

  • Hinge clip-on earrings came to popularity in the 1930s. They feature a small hinge clip that can easily be fastened to the lobe.
  • Paddle back clip-on earrings have a paddle clip with a spring bar on its hinge.
  • Screw-hinge clip on, as the name indicates, is the combination of the screw-back and hinge clip-on designs. It works through a screw on a hinge.
  • Mini clip-on earrings use a wedge with a tension bar that hinges the earring to the ear.

How to put on and take off clip-on earrings with a hinge or lever

To put on and take off your clip-on earrings with hinge or lever, open and close the hinge or lever from the top of the clip. To do so, pull evenly out and down in an arc. Opening your clip-ons this way stops the anchor from being bent out of shape. Also, don't yank or slide off your clip-on earrings, no matter the type, when removing your earrings to keep them in great shape and to prevent scrapes, bruising and stretching of your lobe.