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Hair extensions are a great way to augment the thickness and length of your own hair, and ponytail extensions make the process of adding them really simple and easy. You'll find a large selection of clip-in hair extensions, in a variety of lengths, textures, and colours.

Why ponytail extensions?

Ponytail hair extensions are great for people who are new to using extensions or want an option that's quick and easy to put in and take out. Because your hair is already bunched into a ponytail, you don't need to worry anywhere near as much about making sure your extensions are blended in and don't look more bulky than your natural hair. Plus, the ponytail itself acts as a stabiliser, meaning that you're less likely to run into issues with extensions falling out.

What sort of texture do you need?

While some extensions can be styled, it's usually easier to find extensions that match your hair's level of curl or straightness. If your hair naturally lacks curl or has been straightened, look for straight hair extensions. If your hair has a lot of curl, on the other hand, check out the curly hair extensions.

Match or increase your hair's length

You can find ponytail extensions for almost any length of hair that will fit into a ponytail. Generally it's recommended that you aim to match your hair length in a ponytail, or exceed it by 5-10 cm. If you decide to go with hair extensions that are longer than your own hair, though, you might need to trim them selectively so that you don't end up with two obvious chunks of hair that are at different lengths.

Matching colours

If you aren'r sure the exact brand and shade you want, your best bet is to choose a multi-shaded extension. This gives the appearance of subtle highlights, and can mask differences in colour between your natural hair and the extension.

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