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Clipsal Switches

Switches, sometimes called light switches, are used to turn light on in rooms or to adjust light to the appropriate levels. They can be used with all kinds of light fixtures, including recessed lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, sconces and even built-in lamps. Clipsal is an Australian-based brand of home electrical components and is a subsidiary of the Schneider Electric company.

Clipsal Switch Types

Clipsal manufactures a few different varieties of light switches. These include traditional on/off switches, which minimise contact with hot wires. They also manufacture 3-way light switches, which connects a hot wire between two non-hot wires, forming a shape like a V behind the switch panel, and allow the same light to be turned on or off from two different switches. Clipsal's 4-way switches connect two hot wires with two non-hot (or traveller) wires, which allow a light to be turned on or off from 3 different locations. Clipsal dimmer switches allow a light to be brightened or dimmed with a small knob, rather than switched only to on or off positions.

Clipsal Button Switches

Clipsal manufacturers many novel switches, one of the most popular being their button-style switch. These, rather than having a protruding switch which can be pushed up or down to turn lights on or off, have a recessed button which is depressed to turn lights on or off. These can be especially useful in tight spaces, or areas where one might otherwise accidentally turn lights on or off, such as closets and narrow entryways.

Clipsal Switch Options

Other noteworthy Clipsal switch options include a variety of different switch arrangements and functions. These include pull switches, which are tugged to turn lights off and on, and weatherproof switches, which are ideal for outdoor use.

Clipsal Switch Accessories

Clipsal switches must be installed properly and the installation may require some accessory products. For example, additional wire, wire cutters and wire strippers can all make the process easier and more straightforward. Alternatively, those adjusting light switch electrical components may also use the time to make other home improvements, such as installing Clipsal power point sockets.

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