Cloth Nappies

Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies are one of many baby essentials that parents buy. You want your baby to be happy and feel comfortable, so buying the right type in a material that doesnt irritate soft skin is a big deal. Though much less important, colour choices may be another influencing factor on which nappies you buy. The ones that bring out the cuteness of your adorable child are likely to win out.

Nappy Storage

To keep nappies ready for use and organised, you can find nappy organisers that attach to a door handle or tie to a crib for easy accessibility when you need. Themed patterns, such as cats and kittens or bugs and insects, provide a whimsical addition to the rooms decor. The storage solution may also include compartments for lotions, pacifiers, and small toys. The diminishing stack of clean nappies also alerts you when its time to put a load of used nappies in the washing machine.

Colours and Themes

Sometimes for comfort, babies wear nappies and nothing else. If thats the case in your house, you have access to cute patterns, such as polka dots, animals with smiling faces, or big yellow fish. If everything your child wears is blue, then choose ones that resemble blue jeans for an endearing look. If pink seems to be a favourite colour, then ones covered in roses and butterflies may prove appealing.


You can wash reusable cloth nappies and pass them down to future children. To reduce wear and tear, use a cloth nappy liners that is available as a disposable option or fleece and polyester liners that you wash and reuse. Other considerations include two-layer systems that have a liner and waterproof outer layer available as all-in-ones and pocket nappies. For extra protection, you can insert a booster, such as a layered fabric pad, inside the nappy to absorb moisture.


Nappy rash is no fun for baby nor parents who have to see their child in discomfort. The material that touches the babys skin needs to be able to breathe so your baby is less likely to have breakouts. Choose 100 percent cotton, cotton blends, and microfleece options that are easy to wash and reuse.

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