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Clothes Folder

If you find yourself admiring the neatly laid out T-shirts when shopping for clothes, you might be surprised how easy it is to have your own drawers looking just as orderly. Clothes folders are not commonly found in most laundries, but for people who struggle to get their folding done, they can be a lifesaver.

Why Buy a Clothes Folder?

While there are DIY hobbyists that insist you can make your own, they are so inexpensive and handy to have that purchasing a durable clothes folder made from hard materials is a very worthwhile investment. The material is important as it is preferable to have a firm surface to fold against with a slippery finish to slide off the final folded piece.

Using Your Clothes Folder

A clothes folder consists of a flat board with flaps on each side. T-shirts are the most common item that people struggle to neatly fold and are a great place to start. You will need some space to use the board, so either sitting on the floor or utilising a bench will let you fold without bumping into anything. By laying the T-shirt onto the board and folding each of the side flaps over in a specified order, you are left with a perfectly folded T-shirt in seconds that is ready to be stacked and put away.

More Than T-Shirts

Besides T-shirts, clothes folders can tackle many different items of clothing. Shirts, jumpers, trousers and towels can all be folded with this item. People with lots of fabric for sewing projects use them to keep their fabric folded neatly. The benefit of using a clothes folder is not only the clean lines of the items after folding, but the uniform size that the folded items become. Having each item the same size not only looks neat - it’s perfect for organising drawers and cupboards, finding extra room in your suitcase and making items easily identifiable and accessible.

Other Laundry Supplies

To make sure your clothes look neat and tidy, there are other important laundry supplies that you can use before folding with your clothes folder. Laundry balls wash your clothes without the need for added detergents, and other types can be found that also collect lint and hair while in the wash. When you’re ready to dry your clothes, hang them straight with good quality pegs to avoid creating wrinkles that will spoil the look of your newly folded clothes.

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