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Fun cocktail mixes for every party

Cocktail mixes are the easy way to transform your party into an exciting cocktail night. Unless you're a pro, mixing cocktails can be a time-consuming affair. From finding the right recipe and sourcing each individual ingredient to measuring out the right blend of flavours, it's not as easy as the bartenders make it look. Not ideal when you want to enjoy your drinks and your mates, not spend all evening behind the bar. With a ready-made mix, all you need to do is add some ice, a slice of lemon or lime, a cocktail umbrella and your choice of spirit and you're ready to go. You can also serve them without alcohol as a refreshing soft drink or sweet mocktail.

Whether you love a margarita, a gin martini with an olive or a zesty Brazilian caipirinha, you should be able to find a mix you love somewhere in the huge selection on eBay.

Cocktail ingredients

If you prefer to create your own cocktail mixes with a cocktail shaker, you can find all the ingredients you need right here on eBay. An authentic cocktail recipe will often call for ingredients that might not be available in your local bottle-o. Maraschino cherries, passionfruit syrup or grenadine to name just a few. You can even find some unusual things like orgeat syrup, an almond-flavoured rose water that tastes great in a Mai Tai. You can also branch out from your usual mixers and try different brands of mixers such as tonic and coca-cola.

Favourite cocktails

Some of the most popular cocktail mixes include rum-based mojitos which are ideal for a hot summer's day, and fruity daiquiris made with lime juice. You could even use a cocktail mix as a basis for creating your own original concoction to impress your mates with. Just add a few little twists and you've got yourself a party.

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