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Shake, stir, pour and more with the cocktail and mixology range from eBay 

Shaken, stirred, it’s doesn’t matter; the right cocktail and mixology gifts can whip up marvelous martinis and margaritas, divine daiquiris and more with a few ingredients and the flick of the wrist. Check out eBay’s massive collection of pieces and bring some flavour to your next get together or buy gifts online for those who like to get into the good stuff every now and then. 

It’s time to stop free pouring spirits into a glass, adding some mixers, throwing some cubes in and calling it a cocktail. Cocktail shakers, zesters and graters and other key tools can be the missing piece when it comes to concocting creative cocktails that turn heads. And a bit of flair can snazz up even the drabbest drinks. Buy cocktail glassware online and start dishing up drinks that will make heads turn; find silicone ice molds that add a bit of character to just about any libation; or class up a serving space with new drinks trolleys.  

The right libation can make a good occasion great. Pair new cocktail gifts with the right barbecuing and grilling gear and you’ll have the ingredients for a wicked Aussie BBQ. Cocktail making materials are also excellent engagement gifts, giving the bride- and groom-to-be the means to mix it up and raise a glass whenever they please. 

Channel Tom Cruise in Cocktail; be the star of the show and quench the thirst for refreshing gifts with a little help from eBay.