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Cold Steel Hunting Knives

Cold Steel Hunting Knives

Cold Steel, Inc. is dedicated to producing innovative designs with a focus on manufacturing knives that are strong and sharp. The company has introduced products to the market for over three decades. Notable examples include San Mai III blade steel and the Tri-Ad lock and locking mechanism that helped define the hunting knife industry. You can choose from a variety of Cold Steel hunting knives that meet the needs of hunters, military personnel and other professionals.

How does a Tri-Ad lock operate?

A feature available on folding knives, the Tri-Ad lock has a built-in stop pin that redistributes pressure when in use. The design holds up to 363 kilograms of pressure as the lock transfers stress to the handle frame and liner. The self-adjusting lock requires minimal maintenance and keeps the knife securely locked to prevent accidental injury to the user.

What types of Cold Steel hunting knives are available?

Cold Steel pocket hunting knives, such as Broken Skull knives with bright orange and pink handles, are constructed from powdered steel and coated to resist scratches. The thin blades are lightweight so they dont weigh down your pockets and are available in various blade configurations. Built-in pocket clips allow you to attach the knife to a pants pocket or belt. Likewise, a Cold Steel bowie knife has a fixed blade hunters can use to skin and butcher game. Available in various lengths and handle designs, it usually comes with a belt sheath. Additionally, youll find selections for tactical and survival needs as well as other types of Cold Steel knives used by law enforcement personnel and martial artists.

How do you care for a Cold Steel hunting knife?

Even though Cold Steel hunting knives are made from high carbon stainless steel, the manufacturer does not recommend using them to cut through frozen foods as doing so will most likely damage the blade. Neither should you wash one in the dishwasher as the knife should not touch other cutlery. As soon as you use a Cold Steel knife, never let it sit in water but rinse it off and dry the blade thoroughly before storing it. Moreover, you can sharpen a Cold Steel blade using an abrasive stone or sanding belt at a recommended sharpening angle between 23 to 25 degrees.