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Collectable Bar Mirrors

Collectable Bar Mirrors

Putting a home bar together requires not only barware, but some relevant bar decor as well. Collectable bar mirrors make a suitable addition to a man cave, game room or home bar while also providing a conversation piece. These often vintage and antique pieces usually feature liquor or beer advertisements and accent any space with etched designs and colourful images. 

How Are Bar Mirrors Categorised?

You can select a pub mirror based on several factors. You may desire a mirror from a specific era, such as the 1960s or 1970s for just the right look in your home bar. You might search for a mirror based on size, as mirrors vary widely, ranging from portrait-sized small options to oversized wall mirrors that require more wall space. Some framed mirrors feature a wooden frame, and some have a metal frame, while other designs are frameless. Mirrors may have images that range from liquor brands to cars to motorcycles, while others have funny slogans or sayings. 

What Are Some Brands in the Advertisements?

One way to liven up your bar is by hanging a beer sign or mirror that advertises a well-known brand of alcohol. Some brands you may see include Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort, though brands arent just limited to alcohol. For instance, some mirrors advertise Harley-Davidson motorcycles or a Colt .45 shotgun.