Collectable Bells

Collectable Bells

Collecting bells has been a favourite hobby for many people around the world. What makes a bell collectable largely depends on the person who is collecting the item. Some people may enjoy collecting vintage bells, while others may prefer to collect bells made from specific materials. Other collectors may only seek out bells that have unique or fun designs. Whatever reason there is for collecting bells, there are a variety of them on the market that make great additions to any collection.

Vintage Bells

While there are plenty of reasons to collect bells, vintage bells seem to be items that collectors and hobbyists prefer over the more modern styles. Some people may have different opinions on what they consider a vintage bell, but most often, vintage items are those that are at least 20 years old. It is a good idea to take note of bells that are called vintage, as this terminology often means that the bell is a replica item and not a true vintage bell.


Collectable bells are available in a wide variety of materials. Some of the popular bell construction materials include pewter, brass, porcelain, copper, and glass. A number of collectors prefer bells with a metal construction, like brass bells, because they have an authentic look and sound. Many other collectors prefer glass or porcelain bells because these materials do not tarnish and they are easier to clean and maintain.


Most bells have a purpose that goes beyond their collectable nature. School bells, for example, are highly collectable because of their historical and nostalgic value. Many bell collectors from older generations remember hearing the sound of a school bell as it rang to signal the beginning of school or the end of a lunch break. Bells made from brass, copper, and pewter are common school bell choices.

Fun Designs

Cow bells are another collectable type of bell that many hobbyists attain for their collections. Bells that take the shape of different birds or animals are also very popular choices, as are bells with flower, angel, or child shapes. It is easy to find bells that are coloured or hand-painted and these are always gifts that collectors love to give and receive.