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Ride-On Lawnmowers

Ride-on mowers, or sit-on mowers, are an extremely important tool for farmers and small landowners throughout Australia and the world. They allow property owners or managers to keep weeds under control, to keep lawns and sporting fields properly maintained, and to reduce the snake risk associated with long grass. Choosing a new ride-on mower can be difficult due to the range of options out there. Some mowers can seem very expensive for what they are, and the amount you need to spend for a decent mower will depend on how much you are planning on using it.

What Are the Main Types of Riding Lawnmowers?

There are a number of different types of ride-on mowers, each of which serves a specific purpose. The most popular types include:

  • Zero-turn mowers - A zero-turn mower is a special kind of riding mower that is for use in small or fiddly areas. They can basically turn around or manoeuvre within very tight spaces, making them perfect for quickly mowing areas with a lot of corners or obstacles.
  • Lawn tractors - Lawn tractors are larger versions of the standard ride-on mower, and they are for use in relatively large-scale setting, like maintaining sporting fields or school grounds. You probably wouldn't take home a lawn tractor for personal use unless you had a lot of yard space to work on.
  • Garden tractors - Garden tractors are probably the most common and affordable types of lawnmowers. They are small enough for everyday residential use, and they are cheap enough for the average person to be able to afford one.

What If I Need Parts For My Ride-On Mower?

Ride-on lawnmowers are actually very simple machines which are easy to both maintain and fix. Some of the most common lawnmower parts and accessories that need replacing include:

  • Belts, including drive belts can often wear out or snap, especially if they go under high load. If this happens, replacing them is as simple as removing the old one and putting the new one on.
  • Blades, which you can replace pretty easily at home.
  • Batteries, which can lose their capacity to hold charge over time.
  • Fuel filters, which may stop working when they get old.
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