Collectible souvenirs bring back the happy memories of your travels

Here on eBay, there's a cracking selection of practical and decorative collectible souvenirs to choose from, letting you relive your favourite holidays, days out, and events.

Uniquely Australian collectible souvenirs

Cute and adorable koala souvenirs are available in a wide range of styles. Small and compact split key rings with a clip-on mini koala are available with different colour vests for easy identification of your keys. Kangaroo designs are an alternative option. The key rings are available individually or in mixed packs.

Australian collectibles include a practical and quirky koala backpack. The 100% polyester fibre grey plush backpack has adjustable straps, a zipper top opening, and a baby size koala toy attached to the front.

Collectible souvenirs like the canvas vinyl tote bag are designed for everyday practical use. One side of the tote bag is embellished with photo print designs of a koala and a kangaroo.

Genuine kangaroo fur souvenirs include leather coin purses, mini shoulder bags, and key rings that are handmade from real kangaroo fur.

Metal souvenirs include Australia-shaped key rings that are decorated with cute animal designs and fridge magnets with Aboriginal artwork.

Decorative collectible souvenirs to show off

Plate collectible souvenirs are available in a wide range of decorative and functional styles and designs. Highly embellished souvenir plates that are made from zinc alloy typically feature a central design and a border of complementary images or patterns. This colourful Australia souvenir collectible features an assortment of native animals and scenic landmarks and is supplied with a stand. Aboriginal artwork display collectible souvenirs are also available.

Sets of three souvenirs show off a variety of scenic views and popular designs that are typically Aussie.

Limited edition plastic collectible souvenirs include the rare Vegemite song plate. The vivid yellow plate is decorated with the Vegemite logo and musical notes and lyrics.