Collectable Tobacco Cases

Collectable tobacco cases are some of the most popular tobacciana items out there. People used these vintage accessories to hold chewing tobacco as well as loose-leaf tobacco and pre-rolled tobacco products. Many are highly decorative, and they make interesting display pieces. There are a variety of different types of these tobacco cases available, so you can find ones that suit your aesthetics or decor.

Collectable Tobacco Tins

Collectable tobacco tins are the original containers that tobacco products came in. There are loose tobacco and chewing tobacco varieties available. Most feature the original logos and labels. Some are in perfect condition, while others have some wear and tear that make them look authentic and distinctive.

Collectable Cigar Humidors

Collectable cigar humidors are boxes specifically designed to store cigars and keep them in pristine condition. Most humidors feature filtered air flow modules that allow air to circulate around the cigars without drying them out. The majority of these boxes are wooden, but there are also some metal varieties available. Many feature compartments to hold matches or lighters as well as cigar cutting tools and other accessories.

Collectable Cigarette Cases

Collectable cigarette cases come in a variety of styles, but most are slim and designed to hold a pack of cigarettes or fewer. They are typically small enough to fit in pockets or purses. Some are highly decorative with real silver or gold inlays. Many people used them as status symbols. There are also less decorative, more utilitarian collectable cases available.

Collectable Tobacco Pouches

Most collectable tobacco pouches are leather, but there are also canvas and snakeskin varieties available. People used these pouches to hold loose tobacco as well as pipes or other smoking device and lighters or matches. Some have snaps or button closures, and others feature flaps that fold over to cover the openings.