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Collectable Tobacco Pipes

While many people think of cigars and cigarettes as the core of tobacciana, the tobacco pipe has just as good a claim to fame among collectable smoking implements. Invented perhaps as much as two thousand years ago, the pipe has become a favoured implement for both smoking and contemplation. There is more of a ritual to smoking a pipe than there is to other forms of tobacco consumption, so smokers find it easier to stop and think.

Pipe Materials

The two classic materials for making a pipe bowl are meerschaum and briar. While somewhat fragile, meerschaum is popular because of the way it can be intricately carved, and also because it absorbs tar. Briar, on the other hand, is prized for its durability. A briar pipe can last for years with no need to worry about dropping it.

Pipe Design

While there are more pipe designs than the casual collector might imagine, they generally fall into one of two groups: straight channel and curved channel, referring to the connection between the bowl and the mouthpiece. Curved channel pipes feature a greater variety of shapes due to the increased design flexibility. Some think straight channel pipes offer a better smoke because there is less of an opportunity for moisture to build up in the channel.

Pre-Smoked Pipes

Whether you smoke yourself or just like having a collection to hand, one excellent way to collect smoking pipes is by looking for pre-smoked pipes. The key to using these pipes is to clean them properly. Alcohol makes a great pipe cleaner, but you want to use grain alcohol rather than isopropanol. Use a dry pipe cleaner afterwards to make sure it's clean.

Pipe Accessories

In addition to pipes, collectable tobacco cases will also look great in your collection. While many may aim at cigarette collectors, others suit pipe tobacco just fine. Even if they aren't, you can still display them alongside your pipe collection if you have enough free space.

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