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Whisky has always been the drink of royalty and deserves respect. Which is why you shouldn’t pour your finest scotch into plastic jugs, but rather use something from the rarest collection of antique and retro whisky jugs to make your drinking experience more pleasant. It's a great way to entertain guests and share a drink with your best buddies.


You can find rare whisky jugs from ages gone past, from the eras of the 1900s to today, sourced from far off exotic places like India or England or Perth. Pub jugs were produced by many of the top whisky distillers as a free gift to all publicans who stocked the brands they made. These jugs were designed to hold varying amounts of water to be added to a wee dram by any customers who wanted some. These proved to be a very effective means of advertising that it wasn’t long before every spirits manufacturer was also giving them away.

Rare & Unique

Antique whisky jugs are pieces of history that can be kept at home in showcases, while others belong in museums. Rich in antique and collectible value, they are precious reminders telling us how we lived and drank and celebrated in the past. Historians may even consider some of these whisky jugs as prized possessions, and anyone would feel proud having one at home.

Drink in Style

There would be very few home bars in the country without at least 1 pub jug on display. In fact, it is far more likely there would be 3 or 4. Still widely available in antique shops, these antique jugs are typically priced depending on their condition and rarity.

Check out the collection of rare whisky jars available today on eBay and select your favourite. Cheers, Big Ears!