Collectables Fridge Magnets

Decorate your fridge in style with fridge magnets

Everyone loves souvenirs to remind them of their travels, and nothing quite sticks with us like a fridge magnet. Available in all shapes and sizes, fridge magnets are quirky and a vibrant addition to anyones home.

Educational, fun, and stylish

In the mid-1900s, these accessories were initially used as an educational item, with plastic letters stuck to the magnet, children could learn in a fun and easy-going manner. Magnets are still used for this today but have also fast grown as a popular novelty item.

As a collectible souvenir, they summarise the joys of travel in a single, quirky image, whether its an Australian boomerang, a 3-piece map of China, or a magnet with a dog design, youre sure to discover fond memories in each magnet. Other items are simply collectibles, such as a matching set of intricate designs, or a selection of vintage logos to jazz up your fridge space. These accessories also work as a thoughtful gift, with options custom-made for certain occasions and people.

Discover modern collectible magnets, such as ultra-strong circular magnets. These are great for kids to play with as the magnetic force of these items is stronger than standard fridge magnets. Emoji fridge magnets add a touch of modern style to your home whilst letting you show your mood on the fridge.

Find fridge magnets from other countries to replace lost or damaged holiday souvenirs, such as a Paris magnet featuring the Eiffel Tower. Blank magnets let you customise your fridge with beloved family photos of certain sizes, or go for a set of 12 featuring boomerangs in different designs.

Durable, stylish, and flexible, the fridge magnet has become an ideal ornament for anyones home. Regardless of your needs, as a collector, educator, or fond traveller, theres a fridge magnet to suit you, right here on eBay.