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Comedy Show Tickets

When you need a little break from the day-to-day humdrum of life, going to a comedy show is a great treat. There are many different types of shows - some are kid-friendly, where you can bring the whole family and others are strictly for adult humour only. There are also comedy festivals as well as live, long-running shows you can attend. Choose from an array of different types of shows to have some much-needed fun and laughter.

Favourite Comedians

Just like concerts, it’s a good idea to grab tickets early when your favourite comedians come to town. Whether it’s Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales, your favourite comedians come to many locations. Look for tickets for The Wiggles, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Bloody Wilson, Carl Barron and more.


There are often comedy festivals, especially during the summer, or long-running comedy shows that you may find enjoyable. Shows can be interactive, and there may be crowd participation as well, making it a fun date night or weekend excursion. Comedy festivals let you experience several artists. They may be well-known or just starting out, but you get the benefit of seeing several different types of comedy routines.

Ticket Amounts

Finding the right amount of tickets you need for a group can be tough; however, comedy show single tickets can also be tough if it’s a sold-out or very popular show. Whether you’re looking for one, 2 tickets for comedy shows or many more, if you plan ahead early enough, you should be able to get everyone seated together.

Past Events

You may actually be in search of ticket stubs for past events. Perhaps you lost your ticket stub the night you went to a memorable show, or you would just like to have a pleasant reminder of a great act. Look for tickets and ticket stubs for past comedy shows and events as memorabilia. There are also signed ticket stubs available from the comedians themselves.