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Comme Des Garcons

Unique fashion from Comme Des Garcons

Comme des Garcons launched in 1969, they are a Japanese fashion label, with products being designed and produced in Japan, with global stores and an international clientele.

What products do Comme Des Garcons create?

Commes des Garcons have several collections, designed by Rei Kawakubo, whom has challenged regular fashion with her unique radical creations of mens and womenswear. Comme des Garcons is an uncompromising vision of unique clothing, collaborating with designers such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Vanson Leathers and Converse.

What are the different type of lines that Commes Des Garcons offer?

On eBay you can find a vast range of new and used clothes from different Comme Des Garcons lines. With a SHIRT line, Homme line, offering demure menswear, Junya Watanabe, making high fashion wearable, Parfum, a fragrance range, GANRYU, incredibly creative streetwear, PLAY, one of the most affordable and popular sub-brands of Comme des Garcons and Homme Plus Avant Garde menswear absurdist art-wear.

What Comme Des Garcons products are offered on eBay?

With an assortment of products from various Comme Des Garcons lines, you can find a variety of products in a variety of sizes and colours. There are regular features of items from the line Play with items such as the iconic T-shirt with a heart on the breast. However, the range doesnt stop here, with offerings of vintage pieces, unique pieces from various lines, shoes and perfume from the fragrance range.

Why choose to shop on eBay for Comme Des Garcons products?

You can find vintage pieces from decades ago that you didnt even know existed, whether Comme Des Garcons products or other Vintage Clothing , the beauty of fashion lying in what goes around comes back around. You can find an assortment of products from the Commes Des Garcons lines at affordable prices, with some products being discontinued and thus becoming collectable items.