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Commercial Griddles

Commercial griddles are essential parts of restaurant kitchen equipment used for cooking steaks, burgers, pancakes, bacon, toast, omelets and more. They feature a broad flat or grooved surface heated by electricity, wood or gas. When buying commercial griddles understanding their features can help in making the best possible decision.

Plate Thickness

Griddles have varying plate thickness that determines their durability as well as how evenly heat is distributed on their surfaces. Thicker plates tend to be more durable as they can withstand the stress of repeated heating and cooling without bending out of shape or showing signs of wear and tear. In addition, thicker plates heat more evenly and can remain hotter even after lots of cold foods are added. This also means they can cook more food within a short time compared to those with thinner plates.


A griddle’s capacity determines how many cooked products you can cook simultaneously on the griddle. The size is determined by your cooking demands. For instance, restaurants that serve many customers at a time require griddles with larger surfaces so as to allow cooking of many products at once and avoid keeping hungry customers waiting. This particular feature of commercial grills determines how well you are able to match demand during peak times. Also keep in mind that griddles with large surfaces will take up a lot more kitchen space.

Plate Material

Steel, cast iron and chrome are the main materials used to make griddle surfaces. Each material has its own pros and cons depending on how your business uses a griddle. Steel is the most common plate material and has a non-stick surface that is easy to clean and conducts heat relatively well. Cast iron conducts heat better than steel and is cheaper. However, it tends to be heavier and is susceptible to rusting if not cleaned properly. Lastly, chrome is easy to clean, heats up faster and is best for cooking light foods such as eggs and pancakes. It is best for mobile caterers or chefs who work in kitchens with limited space.

Heat Source

Like with most restaurant grills electricity and gas are the main sources of heat for griddles. In most cases, using gas proves to be a lot cheaper over time, but the initial cost of installation can be high. Electric grills are expensive to buy but are very efficient, have zero emission and cook a lot faster. Choosing the fuel type is a matter of preference as well as the kitchen setup you have.

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