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Should You Get a Stainless Steel Urn For Your Office?

Urns have started to become much more popular in recent years, particularly in the work place and at functions. Perhaps you've been wondering why stainless steel urns started popping up all over the place? It's because in certain situations, they can be much more effective than kettles for making drinks. It might seem sad to see the humble kettle vanquished from the office, but if it ends up making life easier, why not?

eBay vendors offer a variety of different stainless steel urns. In fact, they have just about everything your office kitchen could need, whether it's an ice maker or a melon baller. A stainless steel boiler will be a great addition to your workplace kitchen, and here's why:

Stainless Steel Urns Can Save Energy

If you have a big office (or some heavy tea drinkers), you might find that your kettle is being turned on dozens or even hundreds of times a day. Each time, it uses electricity to boil the water, with any water left over slowly cooling. The worst part about it is that this is quite inefficient. Stainless steel urns heat a large quantity of water and then keep it warm all day. This means that your electricity usage isn't constantly spiking, saving power in the long run.

No One Has to Wait Around for the Kettle to Boil

Looking for an easy way to boost productivity? Switch to an urn. Think about how many minutes of a person's day are wasted just by waiting for the kettle. Multiply that by everyone in your office–it's a whole lot of wasted time. If you want to boost efficiency, you should seriously consider getting a stainless steel boiler. Your employees will be happier too, because they can get their drinks faster.

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