Complete Tattoo Kits

Although it has existed for centuries, tattoo art is becoming an increasingly popular method of self-expression. With this increase in demand comes a need for people with skills in tattooing and tattoo kits that supply them with all the equipment they need. For those looking to learn the art of tattooing, there are range of beginners tattoo kits, while those with more experience can find equally professional tattoo kits.

Tattoo Guns or Machines

Probably the most important piece of equipment in all tattoo kits is the tattoo machines and guns that come with it. These are the devices that drive the needle into and across the skin. The two main types of tattoo guns are coil tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machines. While both have the same effect of depositing ink into the skin, each moves the needle in a different way. The traditional coil tattoo machine uses electromagnetic coils, while the rotary tattoo machine harnesses a small motor.

Lines and Shading

Like in other art, tattoo art requires a variety of different techniques to be used to achieve a professional finished product. It is for this reason that tattoo kits come with different tattoo guns and needles to allow for the lining and shading of artwork. In coil tattoo machines, the difference in lining and shading is determined by the number of coil wraps of the tattoo guns.


As tattoos can come in a wide range of colours, it makes sense that a tattoo kit should come with a great selection of coloured inks. Often tattoo kits come with as many as 40 different bottles of coloured ink, sure to complement any design.


Most tattoo kits come complete with plenty of tattoo supplies beyond just ink and needles. There are of course the everyday supplies you may need like latex gloves, recovery cream, stencil paper and cleaning brushes for your equipment. Many tattoo kits also come with a practice skin, ideal for beginners or those looking to work on their skills.