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Got one to sell?

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Compression clothing is active wear that is specially made to improve athletic performance and recovery by compressing the skin and certain body parts. If you've never heard of compression clothing before this may sound strange, but many people swear by it!

Compression benefits

There are two reported benefits of Skins compression tights, which are performance and recovery benefits. If you wear these tights during exercising they are designed to help reduce the build up of lactic acid, muscle vibration and fatigue. If you wear them during recovery, they improve blood circulation and reduce the stiffness you get after exercise.

Extra features

Some brands do have added features included in their tights. If you live in a cold climate or experience cold winters, you could look for tights made from a thermal grade fabric. These can help to keep the body at a constant temperature. Both women and men can also wear base layers of compression clothing to stay warm.

Most Skins compression pants will have a feature called wicking. This is woven into the fabric and helps the material to remove sweat and moisture as you exercise. Lastly, if you are exercising outside, look for Skins compression tights that feature UV protection. This extra layer can help to protect you from the harsh Australian sun.

What Style?

There are a few different styles and types of skins compression pants available. If you need to use the tights for muscle fatigue, then it is better to buy a more reputable brand with inbuilt fabric technology. If you want Skins compression tights for comfort when exercising, a generic brand or style may be suitable.

When choosing a style, think about which muscles you use most during exercise and get a pair of compression tights that support those muscles.

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