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Concert Ticket Pairs

There’s nothing like seeing a live show or watching your favourite artist perform on stage, but the process of buying just two concert tickets at a time can be a stressful one. For this reason, many Australians prefer to buy their tickets from another seller once the listing has finished and for a price that’s just as good as the original. Many people resell their tickets for one reason or another, and this is a great opportunity to get yourself to a concert you’ve wanted to attend and nearly missed.


Musicals are a popular choice for NSW concert ticket pairs, thanks to the many options for theatre productions in Sydney. Musicals are a great way to combine the arts and music, and you can sometimes get the best two seats in the house when you buy your concert tickets from another seller.

Singers and Bands

Australia is lucky enough to get a huge selection of artists and bands visiting our shores, so all you need to do is choose your favourite and find some tickets. Whether it’s Victoria concert ticket pairs or QLD, there are so many venues available that host amazing acts. Both local and international artists perform to sell out shows around Australia, so it’s great to know you have second chance to get a double set of concert tickets even if you miss the original sale.

Classical Concerts

For an evening full of elegance and class, you can’t pass on a classical concert. There are tickets available for a range of symphonies and classical artists performing around Australia, and these make for a magical evening. Whether you’re wanting to spend an evening listening to Beethoven’s best pieces or watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra take on the music from Harry Potter, there’s a concert ticket to suit every taste.

Kids Concerts

If you’ve ever taken your kids to a live show, you’ll know just how high energy and fun they can be. Many children’s artists take their performances on the road, and you can get tickets to some of your favourites online. Whether your kids hope to see The Wiggles or a magic show, there are plenty of options available in every state for concert ticket pairs so you and your child can enjoy the fun together.