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Concrete Vibrators

While you won't find the concrete vibrator in most power tool combos, its importance on each and every construction site is undeniable. Mixing and pouring wet concrete creates a lot of air bubbles and each bubble is a structural anomaly. To make all of these bubbles leave and create a denser, stronger and more durable concrete surface, you need at least one concrete vibrator. These machines also help improve bonds in constructions involving steel reinforcements and situations where multiple layers of concrete are set on top of each other.

Power Source

Concrete vibrators are power tools that use a lot of energy, so make sure you choose one that best fits the work you do. Electric concrete vibrators are all corded models, using mono-phase or three-phase electricity, depending on their size. This means that when using the concrete vibrator, you always have to mind the cable and make sure it doesn't disturb the building site. If access to electricity is an issue or if you simply want to get a portable model and forget about the cord, opt for a gas-powered model. Gas powered models are generally less powerful, might have shorter shaft and smaller head size, but they are easy to use and power units can be carried as backpacks. They do create some overhead, as a gas engine needs regular maintenance.

Concrete Vibrator Types

You can apply formwork, surface or internal vibrations. Each of them is done with a different type of concrete vibrator, but the end result is always the same. Internal concrete vibrators are most often used as they do a good job regardless of the thickness. Surface models are used for thinner layers and formwork vibrators are used generally on larger surfaces.

Multiple Units for Faster Work

Removing air bubbles from wet cement is a time sensitive process, so if you do a large pour, one concrete vibrator might just not be enough. There are strict guidelines about the duration and frequency of vibrations that need to be applied and if they are not followed correctly, you risk creating an unsafe structure. Not devoting enough time will leave bubbles behind and increasing frequency can separate the water out of the concrete. This means that bigger sites can only be properly serviced by more than one concrete vibrator and fortunately, you can buy them in sets.

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