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The Latino sound of the drum

A conga drum can be placed on a stand and it is known for producing a Latin sound and a lot of congas are played in African-American style music as well. Conga drums are usually played in pairs and they can be mounted on a stand. The Conga drum is part of the world drums collection on eBay. A conga drum that is mounted on a stand can then be played standing up. The conga drum has had a huge influence on music.

A conga drum, whether it is on a stand or as separate heads are usually made out of wood. There are a huge range of Conga parts and accessories to choose from should you need to upgrade or fix your existing Conga. Other sizes of drum include the Quinto and tumbadora. The shell to the conga drum is usually what produces the ripper sound.

Conga Drum

The Quinto drum is one of the smallest conga drums available. It has the highest pitch and it is usually used to add an accent. The tumbadora is the lowest pitch of conga and it has the most familiar sound. The conga drum, when it is attached to a stand can be hit with the hands. The hands hit the rim and the head, and unlike the quinto, it cannot be attached to the drummer's shoulder. Traditional conga drums are made out of barrels or tree trunks. Now they are made from oak or ash with a huge range of overtones available. Conga drums need to be tuned in order for the drummer to get the best sound.


A material that is commonly used in the construction of a conga drum is fibreglass. This provides a very harmonic sound and it is much more durable when compared to wood. It is also possible to get skins that are made out of animal hide. Conga drums can be used in Latin music however they can also be used in various other types of music such as rock and even jazz.

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