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Wok Cookware

Woks are essential for cooks who enjoy making Chinese food and cuisines from other East Asian countries. The versatile cookware is also effective when scrambling eggs, mixing batters and heating tortillas. When individuals want to choose wok styles that help them stretch their culinary skills, they should consider wok bottom shapes, materials and other design considerations that can assist them in cooking delicious homemade meals.

Wok Bottoms

Round-bottom woks make it easy to flip food, distributing it evenly in high heat areas of the cookware. Some individuals prefer these wok designs when cooking on gas stovetops. Flat-bottom woks that feature gently sloping sides are effective at flipping food for distributed cooking, and they also offer additional cooking space than flat-bottom designs with more extreme side slopes.

Wok Materials

When you are pressed for time and need to make impressive dinners, a carbon steel wok is an ideal choice for its durability and that fact that it evenly heats food. These wok designs are magnetic, making them compatible with wok induction ranges. Some stainless steel wok cookware is heavier than other designs, offering durable cooking utensils. Copper woks with stainless steel interiors are excellent at conducting heat, and many people value their aesthetic appearances.

Wok Handles

Home chefs can find woks that feature metal loop handles, long wooden or metal handles and other styles. Wok cookware that includes long handles may be easier to manoeuver when flipping food for even cooking. Individuals should test the weight of different designs of wok handles to ensure they select styles that are easy to grasp.

Wok Rings

A round-bottom wok may require the use of a wok ring to keep the cookware from tipping over as it rests on a stove burner. Wire-ring styles act as frames on which individuals place their cookware, while cast-iron ring designs work well as burner covers. Wok rings are available for making stir fry meals outdoors, so people who enjoy cooking with woks on their grills can use the cookware with compatible racks and charcoal to produce high heat levels that may mimic the intense temperatures that the woks in kitchens of Chinese restaurants produce.

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