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Induction Cookware

Induction cooktops heat up quickly and efficiently but they do not work with any kind of cookware. Each element of the stovetop has a coil of copper wire underneath. When you turn on an element, an alternating electric current starts flowing through the coil, creating an oscillation magnetic field, which in turn induces a current to the pot or pan sitting on top of that element. In the cookware, this produces resistive heating, and this cooks the food. As induction cooking is quite complex process, it also requires special cookware that you should choose carefully.

Induction-Ready Cookware

As magnetic field produces the heat, the cookware should be of a magnetic material. You might think that all metals are magnetic, but actually they are not. You can test your existing cookware before purchasing cookware, which is specifically for induction stoves. Try placing a magnetic at the base. If it sticks, the surface is magnetic and it could work with induction.

Induction Cookware Materials

Stainless steel is a common induction cookware material. However, not all of your old stainless steel pots and pans might work on an induction stovetop if they do not include a core. Stainless steel induction cookware often incorporates multiple layers of aluminium as well. Cast iron is a very durable material and a top choice for induction cookware. The heat transfer is very even at low heat settings. Some iron pans have enamelled base to prevent rust, but if you handle them too roughly, they can chip and become brittle. Lightweight aluminium that conducts heat well is great for induction cookware in combination with other materials, because it does not work alone. Combination with steel is common.

Induction Cookware for Every Style of Cooking

You should choose your induction cookware based on the way you mostly love to cook. Heavy-based pans are suitable for slow and steady cooking because they heat up for a longer time and react slowly to the cooking zone, providing consistent heating. Layered stainless steel bases are best for fast cooking because they heat up quickly and react fast to temperature setting adjustments.

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