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Copper Bangle Bracelets for Men

Humanity’s history with copper goes back over 10,000 years. During that time, the metal has been associated with everything from magic to war to progress. It’s been used in roofing, in shipbuilding, in surgical instruments, in photography and, of course, in currency. Although copper nowadays is mostly found in electronics and antimicrobial applications, it retains much of its allure and mystique; after so long, it can be difficult to separate the cultural lore from the reality. And of course, it’s impossible to truly separate copper from its beauty.


Like silver, gold and other related metals, copper makes gorgeous jewellery for anyone and everyone. This holds true whether it’s highly processed or rustic in appearance and technique. Men’s copper bracelets come in countless styles, but even a simple beaten band makes a striking statement. Wound copper wire and hand- or machine-flattened copper bands are both popular and an easy way to add a subtle touch of elegance to beachwear, summer wear or earthtone formal wear.


Even as copper wiring and similar industrial supplies have gone up in value, copper jewellery generally remains well within the realm of reasonable pricing. Silver, gold, platinum and so forth being considered more precious for contemporary artistic purposes means that almost anyone can add the loveliness of copper to their wardrobe. However, there’s a difference between being inexpensive and looking cheap; men’s copper bangle bracelets and related jewellery are affordable while still being beautiful.


Many people would agree that, when it comes to fashion, gold pairs best with warm tones while silver belongs with cooler colors. Where does copper fit in? While the red tones of polished copper can look great with any outfit, the popular sentiment is that it shines brightest with neutrals. Get the most out of that tan suit or hemp anklet by pairing it with a copper chain bracelet.


Silver and gold aren’t the only metals that can inspire an artist. While polished or rough-beaten bands might be popular, they’re far from the only kinds of men’s copper bracelet you can find. From chains to beads to various engravings, there is a piece out there that will look fantastic on your wrist, or on the arm of a friend or that special someone.

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