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Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is a popular choice among many professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts as it is incredibly hardwearing and an excellent heat-conductor. When it’s good quality, copper cookware can be some of the more expensive kitchenware on the market but it’s worth the investment when you consider it can last a lifetime. Copper frypans and other general items such as stock pots, casserole pots and mixing bowls are an excellent addition to the kitchen of any aspiring chef.

Superior Heat Conduction

Copper is a soft metal and as such makes an excellent heat conductor, this makes it a perfect material for cookware as the entire inner surface of the vessel will heat evenly. Burning and sticking is rarely a problem with copper cookware thanks to its heat conduction qualities. Copper saucepans are widely considered to be the best choice for preparing dairy-based sauces, as the ingredients demand slow and steady heating to avoid lumps forming and burning.

Cleaning and Care

Copper cookware is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime, if it is cared for correctly. Generally speaking, copper should be kept away from harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach and dishwasher, tablets as these are corrosive and will wear away the copper’s surface. You should always clean your copper cookware by hand and only use mild soap cleaners. The outer surface of your copper item will dull over time, though it can easily be restored to its former glory with a special copper cleaning agent.

Different Linings

Depending on the purpose of the cookware item and the manufacturer, copper cookware generally comes with a tin or stainless steel inner lining. It is also possible to buy items with a bare interior made solely of copper. Bare copper mixing bowls are perfect for whipping eggs whites as the metal reacts with the egg mixture, making it retain even more air during whipping.

Choosing Your Cookware

Experts recommend looking for thick bottomed pans and pots when shopping for copper cookware. Most of the time the thicker the base, the longer it will last. Copper cookware can be purchased in a smooth or hammered finish from most manufacturers, depending on your aesthetic preferences. Hammered finishes used to be a sign that a piece was hand-made, though this is often no longer the case as most cookware is made by machinery.

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