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Corinthian Doors

Corinthian Doors

When choosing a door for your home, an excellent selection is one that enhances the appearance of your house while remaining durable enough to handle frequent use. Since 1942, Corinthian has been an industry leader in providing high-quality home decorating door solutions that make a powerful design statement. Elegant Corinthian doors, including entrance glass Corinthian doors and bifold interior door styles, contain hearty materials that withstand outdoor weather elements or indoor daily use.

Wood Materials

Corinthian is the largest manufacturer of timber doors in Australia, and fans of quality wood doors can choose from many attractive models. Several styles of wooden Corinthian doors have select grade veneer finishes that make them smart choices for recreating period architecture. The Windsor Win 5 model is one of Corinthians most popular entrance door styles because a home decorator can paint or stain the door with ease.

Design Accessories

One of the reasons that discerning home decorators prize Corinthian doors and door hardware is because of the well-crafted accessories that Corinthians designers use. Large and grand entrance doors can be quite heavy, so Corinthian uses pivot hardware in many of its larger door styles. The hardware is instrumental in allowing oversize doors to move smoothly and remain stable and secure. For extra weather protection, Corinthian offers Enviro-seal, a frame feature accessory that helps homeowners save energy as the frames aluminium tread insulates the Corinthian door from rain, wind, and other harsh weather conditions.

Wardrobe Doors

In addition to entry and internal doors, Corinthian also offers sliding wardrobe doors for residents who want to reserve as much space as possible in their wardrobes. Unlike many hinged door styles, the sliding action of Corinthians wardrobe doors frees up more room for clothing and other items. These doors move smoothly due to their jump-free runners and have the high-quality appearance for which Corinthian is well known.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Individuals interested in green manufacturing may like how important sustainability is in the production of Corinthian doors. The brand encourages its wood suppliers to use renewable forest practices. Homeowners also appreciate the durability of Corinthian doors, which makes them last longer and thereby reduces the need for frequent door replacements.