Cot Bumpers

Cot bumpers for cosy bedtimes

Cot bumpers are soft, quilted, or mesh wraps that fix to the inside of the cot or crib and are designed to prevent your baby from getting arms and legs stuck between the bars. They are also used to improve the look of the sleeping area, making it cosy and welcoming, and as a visual barrier, preventing baby from looking around the room. Always check the manufacturers safety standards to make sure the bumper is suitable for the age of your baby or toddler.

Stylish designs

Cot bumpers come in a wide range of colours and designs to compliment the design of your nursery, from neutral white and grey designs if youre still getting ready for babys arrival, to the classic princess pink or blue boy cot bumpers. Whether you prefer a plain bumper or something with characters and animals, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. Once you have selected your design, you can look for matching fitted sheets and bedding, Again, be mindful of safety standards for the age of the baby or infant. Duvets and pillows are not recommended for use with cot bumpers.

Cot Bumper fabric

Most cot bumpers are made from breathable cotton fabrics and have cotton ties which allow you to fix them securely to the sides of the cot or crib. Alternatives to this design are mesh cot bumpers, also breathable, which are usually 100% polyester.

Airwrap cot bumpers

Many cot bumpers are one continuous length of padded material that wraps around the inside of the cot, providing either complete or partial cover. Airwrap bumpers are designed in 4 separate panels, one for each cot side. They are mesh material have vents at the cot corners designed to optimise airflow, making them a good choice for hot Australian summers. Designed to keep arms, legs and pacifiers in, prevent bumps and knocks, and most importantly to let warm air out as your baby sleeps, keeping them cool and comfortable all night long.