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Cotton Hawaiian Casual Shirts for Men

100 Per Cent Cotton Hawaiian Shirts for Men

Hawaiian shirts or Aloha shirts are casual shirts popularised during the return of servicemen after World War II. They would bring home Hawaiian shirts that became instant hits as mens apparel, prompting tourists to flock to the Hawaiian Islands for a taste of the real deal. These days, they remain an icon of the laidback peace the world enjoyed after the second great war.

Floral Hawaiian Shirts

100 per cent cotton Hawaiian floral shirts are available in so many designs that it can be hard to pick just one. They are available mainly in collared designs, which look good with a pair of khaki shorts and comfy, rubber thongs. A particularly tropical theme, a red magnum backdrop with white hibiscus and palm leaf patterns may be to your liking, while a blue bird imparts vibrant contrast that gives you a taste of a tropical scene. Some Aloha shirts embody the vast sea in their sky or sea blue background with wide beach umbrellas stuck into beautiful, clean, white sand.


If floral really doesnt float your boat, then try 100 per cent cotton geometric Hawaiian shirts. They emphasise masculine designs with the use of interesting geometric patterns that dazzle onlookers. A red and orange vintage Aloha shirt that’s bright and vibrant would be perfect for a day out in the sun. More subdued options feature muted base colours, such as dirty white with dark grey patterns and flourishes that look great on top of a pair of dark chinos and loafers. Monochrome is also a good option if youre unsure of what to pick. Some combine large, detailed hibiscus designs with geometric triangle and prism patterns, which look good from afar and dazzling up close.


Choosing a 100 per cent cotton Aloha shirt is a good move if you live in regions that get plenty of sun. The all-cotton construction allows for ample wicking and a soft feel that’s unbeatable. So, don a pair of vintage shades, button up your Hawaiian shirt, and slip on some shorts and thongs on your feet to get ready for a carefree day out.

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