Craft Embroidery Supplies

For the longest time, people saw embroidery as something that only elderly women did. They would toil away creating images of puppies, babies and flowers, but this is not really the case, and it's a relaxing craft that anyone can take up. Just like many other practices in history, popular artworks come in the most unexpected forms and from the most unexpected people. Embroidered tapestries can be almost any size, and you can get the supplies and start making your own today.

Hand Embroidery Kits

Don’t worry if you are just starting out in this area of arts and crafts and don’t know where to begin. Hand embroidery kits are available both online and in certain stores that not only give you all the supplies you will need for the project, but also include step-by-step instructions. There is a vast array of designs and complexity levels, meaning there is something for everyone.

Embroidery Floss

Just like knitting wool, there are a lot of embroidery floss and thread types to choose from. Each gives a different result and texture, able to change the look of your project. The thread comes in many different colours and thicknesses. Bundles are often available for purchase, with multiple skeins at low prices.

Embroidery Cloth Canvas

Your hand embroidery cloth canvas is where you will create your masterpiece. Most embroidery canvases are not overly large, giving you more opportunity to get the design perfect, as opposed to simply filling space. Online and physical stores sell a variety of plain cloth canvases, but more than a few come with design suggestions.


If you want to turn your passion for embroidery from a hobby into a business, look into getting an embroidery machine. You can still easily purchase canvas and thread, but have a greater choice in designs. Modern machines have taken great strides in their technological prowess, to the point where you can select from countless designs, or create your own, and sit back and watch the machine do the work for you.