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Crocodile Wallets for Men

Mens Crocodile Wallets

Stylish and mysterious, crocodile wallets are ideal for men looking for a fashionable accessory that goes well with a dashing outfit. That said, these arent just for wearing with a suit and tie. There are casual crocodile wallets that suit the rugged look, while others whose textures are dyed in vibrant colours perfect for casual wear.

Bifold Crocodile Wallets

bifold crocodile wallets are popular because of the compact, practical design. Two equal parts fold closed to form one small, highly pocketable wallet. A black croc wallet with the famed sharp, angular, protruding textures dyed in black perfectly accents a predominantly black suit. A textured black belt on dark trousers as well as black dress shoes are perfect complements. If brown is more your thing, a gorgeous croc wallet with protruding elliptical textures similar to that on the reptile’s neck pairs well with light brown trousers and brown monk strap shoes.

ID Wallets

Crocodile ID wallets come in a couple of varieties. A cowhide ID wallet with crocodile skin texture is available in three variants: long, tall, and bifold. The long wallet is able to store bills without folding them, while the tall version is square and a little taller than its rectangular bifold counterpart. All of these have dedicated compartments for ID cards viewable through a thick transparent film. They also have the usual card slots for keeping your credit cards and membership cards.

Casual Croc Wallets

Try a cowboy tough croc wallet if you need a rugged alternative to its sophisticated brothers. Dyed in light brown with four to six large angular textures, it is a casual wallet that definitely draws attention. Its edges are stitched up in an aggressive overlapping weave that complements the reptilian allure of this casual wallet. If a darker shade is what you need, then get a long crocodile wallet in dark brown dye. It features small, fine, square textures subtle enough that it isnt loud but fascinatingly detailed when you take a closer look.