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Crocs remain a popular choice as the ultimate in outdoor footwear.

Every accessory in fashion is an expression of your personal tastes, and you can't go wrong with a pair of crocs. After all, classic Crocs are just as durable and comfortable as they’ve always been, because there are so many good qualities that make them such a popular favourite. Crocs are functional footwear, and 100% waterproof so cleaning them is an absolute breeze, and they can be worn virtually anywhere, and they provide more than adequate low level protection. 

Crocs was first established back in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado and have grown into one of the premier casual footwear brands in the world. What began as a small boat shoe company has since expanded into a massive multinational corporation which now sells footwear in over 300 different styles, as well as an entire range of apparel and other accessories. 


The iconic Croc is created from an odour-resistant, patented material called Croslite, which provides the wearer with durability and maximum comfort at all times. The focus of the design of Crocs has always been on foot support and comfort, while the famous vents provides the feet with superior breathability. Special features of Crocs include a fully moulded and water-friendly design, that provides odour resistance. They have certainly expanded their horizons and evolved over the years, and although the style of the traditional Crocs still remain as popular as they’ve ever been, there are new styles of footwear options which are starting to take over. Crocs are now available in clogs, sandals, thongs, rain boots, puff boots, and many others too.


Improving on an already successful product like Crocs certainly isn't easy, but they have managed it quite admirably, with many new styles for you to choose from. Crocs are available for people of all ages in a wide spectrum of colours and designs. From captivating pearl designs and beautiful earthy tones to bright and bubbly sandals that are simply bursting with energy, there is a pair of Crocs to suit everyone’s style and taste. 

Crocs Classic Adults Clogs

The classic Crocs clogs are immediately recognisable and showcase their breathability with their obvious ventilation holes. The Croslite material is fully moulded to provide buoyancy, which means they aren't damaged by water at all. The heel strap provides a secure and comfortable fit with plenty of room to accommodate all shapes and sizes of feet.

Crocs Capri V Thongs

These stylish and attractive Crocs Capri V Thongs are sure to meet your needs if flip-flop footwear is more your style. The sleek profile has a footbed of soft foam which is moulded onto the Croslite foam outsole, a deep heel cup for support, with a soft microfibre lining. These feminine thongs are enhanced by a thin leather strap and are ideal for every-day casual outdoor use.

Crocs Swiftwater Sandals

Durable and intermediate Crocs Swiftwater Sandals are perfect footwear for women or men around the campsite and the waterside. Their attractive yet functional style and design makes them also quite popular for simply wearing around town. Crocs Swiftwater Sandals have been manufactured from water-friendly materials including a footbed of Croslite foam for all-day comfort, and also features a mesh upper with foot and toe coverage. They also have an adjustable closure with an open design which allows both air and water to flow through. And they also dry extremely fast.

Crocs Crocband II Sandals

Available in a range of sporty colours in a style that is sure to catch the eye, these Crocband II Sandals for women or men are designed for a safe and secure fit with a hook-and-loop closure which makes them easy to take off and put on. Crocbands provide the just the right level of comfort and cushioning that allow little feet to grow, while also providing active outdoor kids with a fine-tuned fit so they can explore their world while having fun.

Crocs Crocband Winter Boots

Make sure you’re ready to take on the freezing temperatures of ice and snow and with a brand new pair of Crocband Winter Boots. Manufactured using Croslite outsoles, these Crocs are water-resistant and have improved traction thanks to the additional Croslite pods on the bottoms. These boots by Crocs also feature a faux-fur top collar, synthetic nylon uppers, as well as a soft internal lining which combine to provide a luxury pampering treatment for your feet. 

Crocs Santa Cruz Shoes 

Designed with a suede accent and a canvas upper, these loafers are a stylish Crocs diversion that can be slipped on and off very fast. It’s time to experience the added comfort of Crocs Santa Cruz Shoes which have been designed for additional cushioning and ventilation with removable microfibre inserts.

Crocs Disney Frozen 2 Fun Lab Light Up Clogs

Shine a frosty light to brighten up the day of any Frozen fan with new Frozen 2 clogs that light up the night with every single step. Really fun footwear for really fun kids, Crocs Fun Lab Clogs feature uppers with original licensed characters from the Frozen franchise along with other inspired designs. They can choose between clog and slide styles for Crocs thanks to the pivoting heel straps, and the Croslite foam outsoles allow for much better comfort, traction, and support for young feet. 

Crocs Jibbitz Accessories 

Jibbitz are accessories to dress up your Crocs, they are easy to plug in and remove so you can switch and change your designs as much as you want. Jibbitz are available in a wide range of styles, from popular emojis to well-known characters and even messages you can type. Do you love aliens and unicorns? Now you can show off your unique creativity and style by adding Jibbitz shoe charms to every pair of Crocs you own.

Crocs are here to stay, with traditional as well as the most modern and up to date styles for everyone. Crocs are one of the best value footwear available, as they can really last a lifetime. Check out the range of Crocs footwear available on eBay today and discover what Crocs are really all about.