Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

Seal your food, preserve the freshness of your delicious treats, and maintain the taste of your best morsels of food with cryovac bags available to purchase from the great range here on eBay.

Enjoy the benefits of cryovac bags

Also known as vacuum seal bags or vacuum storage bags, cryovac bags work with your existing cryovac or vacuum seal machine to keep your meals fresh and healthy in your fridge or freezer. Preventing the spread of bacteria, you can keep your mind off food spoilage and, instead, on the next marvellous creation you’re going to roast, steam, or bake. Cryovac bags are typically sold in a roll form, so you can simply roll out the sheet, cut the length of bag you want, seal it on one end, fill the bag up, and seal it off at the other end. Alternatively, cryovac bags may be sold as pre-cut sizes for even faster use. The choice is yours: flexibility or speed.

What to look for when buying cryovac bags

The first thing to check is that the cryovac bags you are considering suit your vacuum seal machine. If you’re unsure, always check with the manufacturer’s instructions, or don't hesitate to contact the seller with any questions. Ensure the bags meet all Australian Standards. Consider how many cryovac bags are included in the listing, and how often your will be using the machine. There’s no point running out of vacuum seal bags at a critical moment of food preparation! Listings range from anywhere from a single roll of bags to over a hundred rolls.

Features that can be handy include a strong and durable design, embossed channel construction for an effective oxygen and moisture barrier, BPA free bags, reusable bags, thick seven-layer constructions, and microwaveable safe bags.

Whatever the cryovac bags to suit your vacuum seal machine, your lifestyle, and your cooking needs, you’re sure to find something fresh and suitable right here on eBay.

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