Crystal Glass

Crystal Glass Pottery

Crystal glass pottery adds a touch of elegance to any table setting or home decor. Cut with various etching patterns, crystal is available in a few bold, rich colour choices. There are several types of crystal pieces that can go into properly dressing a table. Additionally, many sets have specific motifs that date to historical eras, regions of the world or well-known crystal manufacturers.

What Kinds of Crystal Glass Pottery Are There?

  • Glasses. Crystal glasses are classic and easy pieces to add to your cabinets. From crystal wine glasses to crystal goblets and tumblers, there are several styles to choose from.
  • Vases. A crystal vase is a beautiful addition to any home, adding a touch of elegance to a bouquet. These can range in intricately etched vases to more contemporary, sleek modern styles.
  • Decanters. Large pitcher-like vessels that hold wine are decanters. Crystal decanters are a perfect way to let a good bottle of wine breathe before indulging.
  • Bowls. Crystal bowls are a beautiful addition to a tables centre, which hold decorative ornamentation or potpourri. These bowls can include small decorative bowls to larger punch bowls.

What Colours Are Available in Crystal Glass Pottery?

  • Clear. The most popular colour of crystal to have, clear crystal pottery is classic and timeless and spans several years and periods of decorative design.
  • Red. Some decorative vases or crystal wine glasses use deep red crystal. Beautiful when held up to the light, red crystal is more rare than other colours.
  • Blue. Many crystal vessels have royal blue accents that are deep and rich with colour and tone.
  • Green. Another popular colour to accentuate crystal pottery is a rich emerald green colour. Along with both red and blue, green is primarily for bowls, vases and some glassware.
  • Pink.Pink crystal pottery highlights a certain era and period in history when this was a popular colour choice. Its light in colour and almost resembles that of a pastel rose colour.

What Are the Decorative Types of Crystal Glass Pottery?

  • Vintage original. Vintage crystal glass pottery is similar in style to antique but contains different etching motifs.
  • Antique original. Antique detailing in crystal pottery is very ornate with many different flourishes and is highly etched.
  • Contemporary original. Contemporary crystal pottery reflects sleek designs with minimal etching and more squared off or sharp lines.